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Big Bank Conveniences, Small Bank Touch

Get all of the extras you deserve.

We offer more than just great financial products and services… a lot more. In addition to our personal checking and savings accountsand our affordable personal loans, we also offer all of the ‘extras’ that help simplify your banking. From In House Check Printing to Remote Deposit Anywhere, we’ve got what you need.

It’s A Privilege for Our Checking Account Clients

Unanticipated expenses or mathematical errors can leave anyone’s checking account short of cash. In addition, having a check returned due to insufficient funds can be embarrassing, too.

That’s why Libertyville Savings Bank created “Overdraft Defender” as a special privilege specifically for our checking account clients whose accounts are in good standing. There is absolutely no charge for this service unless you use it. You need not sign anything, and your own Overdraft Defender limit has automatically been assigned to you. Overdraft Defender is offered on limited deposit accounts including; Regular Checking, Liberty Checking, NOW checking & Super NOW checking accounts. 


How It Works

As long as you maintain your Libertyville Savings Bank checking account in good standing, we may, at our discretion, honor your overdrafts up to the limit assigned. If you use Overdraft Defender, the Bank will deduct its normal overdraft charge of $30 per item . We will notify you by mail when an overdraft occurs. The notice will reflect the item(s) paid, as well as the Bank’s charge for the overdraft item(s). It is important to subtract the fees from the balance in your checkbook. Should you write checks that put you over your Overdraft Defender limit, the Bank may, at our discretion, return the check or checks to the payee(s). In addition, the normal returned item fee of $30 per item will be charged to your account. An insufficient funds notice will be mailed to you.


Going Over Your Overdraft Defender Limit

Should you write checks that put you over your Overdraft Defender limit, the bank may, at our discretion, return the check or checks to the payee(s). In addition, the normal insufficient funds fee of $30 per item will be charged to your account. An insufficient funds notice will be mailed to you.

If your checks are returned:

  • The merchant may charge you a fee when your check is returned unpaid and may be unwilling to accept checks from you in the future.
  • The person who accepted your check as payment may be charged a fee by his/her bank where he/she deposited your check.
  • Your credit rating may be adversely affected.

ATM and Debit Card Coverage

Your Overdraft Defender privilege may extend to transactions made at an ATM or with your Debit Card. In the case of an ATM, the balance shown on your receipt will reflect your actual balance, not including your Overdraft Defender limit. Other transactions which may, at our discretion, be honored under the Overdraft Defender privilege include:

  • Checks and other debits cashed at teller windows.
  • Debit card purchases.
  • ACH debit transactions (automatic payments).
  • Checks issued to a third party.
  • Automatic loan payment.
  • Regular checking & Liberty checking limits are $300; NOW checking & Super NOW checking limits are $500.

Repaying Overdrafts And Fees

You will be required to bring your checking account into a positive balance within 15 calendar days of your overdraft. If, after 35 days your account remains in a negative position, we may close your account and take appropriate steps to recover funds advanced to cover your overdrafts, as well as the Bank’s fees. You do have the option to opt out of the Overdraft Defender program. Please call one of our customer service representatives to discuss this option or other alternatives.

If you have questions about your Overdraft Defender, please call 641-472-9839 to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives, or stop by one of our convenient branch locations.

Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA) gives you the ability to deposit your check from anywhere with your smartphone. Once you have signed up for online banking and downloaded our mobile app you will need to fill out the application to have access to this time saving feature!

Concerned about the security of using your debit card? Apply iPay and Samsung Pay securely stores the details of your card information within your mobile wallet on your devices. With just a touch of your device you can easily make a purchase while keeping your private information secure. Using your digital wallet is a safe a secure way to pay in many businesses! 

Our Libertyville Savings Bank debit card gives you faster, more economical, and a more convenient way to buy the products and services you need. Sign up now!


What do I do if I lost my debit card?

You can log into your internet banking account, select the Options Tab, and then select Debit Card. There you can report your card lost or stolen. You may also contact us at or by phone at 641-472-9839.

Can I raise my debit card limit for today?

Yes, you may raise your limit temporarily. Contact us by phone at 641-472-9839 or stop into any of our branches. If you are leaving on vacation make sure we have your card set to avoid any issues while traveling.

Why won’t my debit card work?

There are a variety of reasons cards reject transactions.

If you are using your card for a purchase internationally and haven’t let us know, the card will not run the transaction. This also applies if you are making a purchase on the internet through an international company.

Is your card expired? Check the expiration date on the front of your card. You should receive a new card in the mail a couple weeks prior to the end of the month your card expires. The new cards are mailed in unmarked envelopes, for your protection, that are sometimes perceived as junk mail.

Is the transaction over your daily limit? Your card has a daily limit for ATMs and point of sale transactions (in the store where you swipe.) If you want to make a purchase over that limit, give us a call and we will temporarily raise it for you.

Are the funds available in your account? Your card may be pre-authorized for an amount that has not posted yet which is deducted from your daily limit amount. If you purchase gas by paying at the pump or reserve a hotel room, they may have pre-authorized your card for more than the amount of the purchase. Upon posting, that amount will be removed and your purchase amount will reflect.

The VISA Gift Card is perfect for a variety of purposes. Recipients will thank you because they can choose exactly what they want. You choose the amount of cash loaded onto each card.

  • Perfect gift.
  • Safer than carrying cash.
  • You choose the amount loaded onto card.
  • Use anywhere VISA cards are accepted.

Choose the card that’s perfect for every occasion and safer than carrying cash—call us at 641-472-9839 to speak with one of our friendly bankers today. Not FDIC insured.

We print our checks in house! What does that mean for you? Your checks are made right in our main office, and they are ready to be picked up within 48 hours. We offer many designs to choose from including your favorite area school logo. Another great perk - Our in house checks are less expensive than most other providers. Place your order now!

Avoid debit card fraud more effectively than ever before! Receive a text message anytime there are transactions on your debit card over $500, out of state, or without the card being present. It's FREE and can protect you from fraud! Enroll today! 

Mobile banking is a great way to check your balance and transfer funds when you are on the go! There is no charge for mobile banking. However, depending on the rate plan with your mobile service provider, you may incur charges when accessing the internet. Please verify before accessing any Internet site. Visit your Google Play Store or App Store to download our App!
Online Banking offers you the ability to keep track of your account 24/7. 
Features include:
  • Check account balances
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Access to electronic statements (E-Statements) 
  • Bank to Bank transfers (transfers to external bank accounts)
  • Bill Pay (no charge to enroll) 
  • Report lost or stolen debit cards 
  • Reorder debit cards
  • Place stop payments on checks
  • Upload information to Quicken or QuickBooks
  • Set account alerts
  • Reset your own password/Login ID for internet banking 

The following browsers are supported: Internet Explorer (current release) or higher, Firefox (current release), Safari (current release), or Google Chrome.

Each of our locations has safe deposit boxes. Check with the office closest to you for pricing and availability. Please note contents of safe deposit boxes are not FDIC insured. 
Treat yourself to the ‘extras’ you deserve at Libertyville Savings Bank— contact us online or call one of our friendly bankers at 641-472-9839.
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